Despite not winning any major trophies, Adam Lallana has defended Brendan Rodgers

It has been a little over 3 years since Brendan Rodgers was selected as the new manager of Liverpool as he replaced Kenny Dalglish.

Fans of Liverpool had high expectations of Rodgers as he had just finished going through a superb managerial period of time with Swansea City where he was able to guide the English club from the Championship League into the Premier League as well as being awarded with the Championship Manager of the Month Award  for February.

Swansea City were favorites of being relegated after they got into the Premier League but thanks to a string of positive results, Brendan Rodgers and his squad managed to stay safe away from the bottom relegation zone during that season. Important points were secured despite playing against top clubs such as: Liverpool, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.

This impressive stint that Brendan Rodgers spent as the head coach of Swansea City was one of the reasons on why the Northern Irish coach was sought out by the executives of Liverpool but unfortunately for the club at Anfield, Rodgers has struggled trying to replicate what he accomplished with Swansea City.

Ever since his arrival to Anfield on June of 2012, Liverpool has not lifted a huge piece of silverware. The FA Cup, Champions League, Premier League, everything has been out of the reach of Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool. It hasn’t been an impressive period of time for the Premier League club.

The most successful season of Liverpool with Brendan Rodgers at the helm has been so far, during the 2013-14 season when the English side managed to seal the 2nd place of the Premier League but a big reason on why Liverpool was able to finish in such a high position was due to Luis Suarez as the Uruguayan attacker scored 23 goals and provided 5 assists during that season.

After Luis Suarez was offloaded to Barcelona, Liverpool has not managed to find a player who has been able to replace him. Rodgers attempted to replace Suarez by signing Mario Balotelli and a few other players but the majority of them disappointed. Rodgers is the main person that is being blamed for Suarez being sold and not replacing him appropriately.

Despite all of the recent disappointing season that Liverpool has experienced, Adam Lallana believes that Rodgers is the man that can take the team to the top as he said: “He’s a great coach. He’s very good tactically and I am always going to learn players are always going to get better when he is coaching. Of course I am delighted he’s still here. In my eyes, there wasn’t really any doubt in him being here for next season.’’

Adam Lallana is happy that Rodgers will be staying as the coach despite being rumored on being sacked and replaced by other managers.