Jurgen Klopp has a plan B in case of injuries

This season of the Premier League is reaching its final 2 months and a few of Liverpool’s key players have recently sustained injuries which might keep them out of the pitch for a long period of time.

These players that have recently picked up injuries are: Sado Mane, Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana.

In spite of all these injuries, JurgenKlopp has stated that his team will simply have to adapt for the remainder of the season or for at least until his key players can fully recover and get back into the pitch.

“If we miss two or three offensive options, we have to adapt to it – we cannot try to do all the same. The line-up we will choose, we have to use this session today, to make them as strong, as compact and as ugly to play as possible, and then go’’

“We should think about how we can defend, not how dominant we can be. Maybe we can surprise one of the other teams with good organization, good defending, and good counter-attacks. Why not? We only have to adapt, and that’s the thing we have to do today. My job is to find solutions’’ Liverpool’s JurgenKlopp said.

The battle for the top spots of the English Premier League is being tightly contested between: Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal. There are only a few points separating each club from another one, except for Chelsea which has a fairly comfortable lead of over 5 points as Antonio Conte’s squad are charging their way through the league title.

JurgenKlopp is hoping that his squad can continue their push for the top of the top tier English League for the remainder of the season and not drop points in spite of this recent string of injuries.