Latest Rumors About Liverpool

There is a lot of buzz going on about Liverpool currently. Some of the latest rumors about this football team have been discussed here.

The international football champion of England Under-21 Ben Chilwell is said to have caught the attention of many Premier League clubs which also includes Liverpool. The reports state that the Reds need some improvement in their offer if they are keen to secure the services of this player. Chilwell has made 3 appearances in the last season in Leicester. He is known for his left back skills and has been one of the renowned English footballers due to a successful career in the club.

As far as Lucas Moura is concerned, there are rumors about his entry in Liverpool. This news has kept him on top for many months now and hence the rating of this player has not decreased below 3.0 in the month of June. The player currently plays for Paris Saint Germain as a right winger. The Brazil international winger has scored about 13 goals for his team in every competition that took place last year. This transfer news has been on the top list which is likely to go live soon.

Sadio Mane, who has been the winger for Southampton is said to be moving to Anfield as per the latest rumor reports. It also suggests that Klopp has made this Senegal international as one of his major targets. Mane has made around 75 appearances so far for the Saints and has scored 25 goals. This splendid performance has been shown by this player in just 2 seasons. The winger has also achieved the fastest hat trick in 2015 in the history of the Premier League. There have been 4 players from Southampton who has swapped their team for Liverpool, now the wait is to see if Mane will be the next one doing it.