25 thoughts on “LeBron James: Good or Bad for Liverpool Football Club?

  1. I totally agree with Jimmy Conrad. The more attention soccer in America gets, the better the leagues will get, and there will be more soccer programs all around the country. Even if the original investors aren’t the biggest soccer fans ever, in make really good things happen for real soccer fans. Maybe one day soccer will be played during prime time on common channels like nbc(instead of nbc sports).

  2. he was earning enough money with the cavs and he went to Miami heat to win! that’s what liverpool need a winning mentality and stop making bad transfers..i mean 35 pounds for Andy Carroll and buying the biggest flop this year Stewart Downing? With all due respect to Kenny he is a legend but as a playe not as a managerr ….give Lebron a break….

  3. Who dafuq is this guy? Hating on LeBron so much. As if as he knows LeBron so well after reading wiki

  4. Who is the ugly guy with the big ass forehead, you are a dumbass and don’t know anything about the nba

  5. Say what you wanna say without resorting to name calling. Lebron and Liverpool made for each other, until April 2012 both had won nothing in the past 6 years!

    Although I confess,Lebron James is a magnificent basket baller but may become a Gerrard – the best player NEVER to win the title.

    Compare Horry to James, then compare Carrick to Gerrard. The score is 11 – 0 combined.But the players on 0 are far better players those two with 11 its a shame but both must remember to – PUT THE TEAM 1st!!

  6. get the sand out of your vigina… They say soccer so they avoid confusion between American FOOTBALL and what we classify as Football. Now go and play your Fifa 12.

  7. Fucking americans! Continue with your basket and american football and stop talking about what you call “soccer”…. Please let FOOTBALL stay FOOTBALL and don’t ruin it with your american trash heads!

  8. Matt Ufford is a blowhard and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Steve Nash is a part owner of the Whitecaps. Also, I don’t know why he feels the need to rag on Lebron. You can say what you want about him as a ball player, and I’m willing to conceed that he dealt with his move to Miami in an immature way, but I really don’t think there’s any reason to believe he’s a bad guy.

  9. you Americans don’t know anything about football if you tried,i mean the Liverpool football club? dickheads

  10. wow dissin lebron like crazy you probably don’t even know him lebron!!!! he’s a boss don’t fuck with him!

  11. may be a joke, but Conrad has a good point. If athletes start to invest in soccer clubs, they should start with MLS

  12. I’m a Liverpool fan as long as LeBron puts money and effort to improve Liverpool I’m more then fine with it. Help Liverpool get back to the top

  13. LeBron and Glazers likes footy clubs because of MONEY, supporters shell out cash for their clubs. And this is wot these pricks are exploiting. They’re are exploiting supporters. The only person in the NBA i give to respect is Steve Nash, cos he plays/knows football, the others? Are only here to exploit us. Sad to but it is true.

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