24 thoughts on “LFC wishing Hollie Cavanagh good luck

  1. “Hollie we hear you’re a big Liverpool fan so me and the rest of the lads wanna wish you good luck,” Is that what Carra said..? cuz I almost spaced out and had to repeat it like 7 times to understand.. LOL

  2. When i first watch this on TV i was like “OMG!! LFC is wishing Hollie goodluck!! She’s so lucky”.. Then afterward i remember she was from Liverpool before she move to Texas… LOL

  3. What do you mean stevie and charlie? almost everybody is there..i don’t see downing, kelly, agger and couple others..even kids flanagan, sterling, spearing are in it…thanks for the video…cheers!!!

  4. “Recognize these guys?” …of course she recognizes them freak..she’s from Liverpool

  5. I replayed this video 10 times and I still couldn’t figure out what Carragher said until I looked at the comments 🙂 Love how they intentionally chose Carragher instead of Gerrard, probably because of his stronger accent.

  6. lol at spearing trying to be in d frame…y dun dey put him next to raheem?? nontheless, YNWA!!!

  7. Soccer is short for Association Football, the term was soccer was first coined in the UK, so technically he is correct.

  8. if u are not from liverpool he said “hollie we hear that your a big liverpool fan so me and the rest of the lads wish u good luck….good luck hollie”

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