24 thoughts on “Liverpool 2012-2013 Season Preview!

  1. I think the way the 4-3-3 breaks down in attack one can call Suarez an “inside forward”—I’m not the first to use that term. Thank you for watching!!!!

  2. I agree. I don’t care about any cups, but many other LFC fans are headstrong in the belief that we should go hard in every competition.

  3. I have never been a huge fan of Reina, I thought he was a good keeper don’t get me wrong and I love the way he use to bolt of his line. But over the past 2 years since Rafa left Reina has been an average keeper at best. Now i know some people love him, but look on the other hand, over the last 2 years compare how many points Reina has won us to how many he has lost. But the thing I don’t like is, if he plays bad he does not get dropped, so there is no fight for his place.

  4. I think BR is after a defensive midfielder who can double up as a deep lying play-maker, and 2 high energy box to box midfielder, I thought he was clear about that in his 40 minute interview on youtube.

    Oh yeah you have a lot of good stats, where do you get them from?

  5. We Just don’t have the money to buy are way back to the top, let alone the top 4. We have to build over time. And I know what you mean no one to change the game on the bench. . . It’s a bit sad. Between Carol and Assaidi there would have been lots of options, and Shelvey seems to get better every time I see him. This is going to be a rough season. But after another summer of signings, and another year of development of the current players, things should look better.

  6. Good point about the 180 page “book” but he has been writing that from the age of 20, he didnt write it just for LFC

  7. Just look at the bench last week. Even if Assaidi is included, it’s just not good enough for me.

  8. I think there is going to be a fine line between success and failure this season. Liverpool should ONLY concentrate on the league this year in my opinion. If they are consistent, play well and win then I think Liverpool can be happy even if they finish 5th. It has potential. If they are anything like last year not only should you worry for the club, but also for players like Suarez who may want out, even if they win a cup or two along the way masking a poor league season.

  9. He said in a interview he is right i swear. Also. the only goal he has scored in England was him cutting in on is right?

  10. Between Yesil, Borini, and Carrol do you think any one of them could be world class given 3 to 5 years hard training? If so Sterling and Suarez well be great on the wings and so we should be looking for young wingers, defenders, and goalkeepers for the future. Also great passing CB’s can not be bought as we are not in the sweeper days of old, they have to be trained up.

  11. I do not agree that we lack options in the front 3. We have Borini who will be a good replacement for Kuyt, but it seems Borini will be more of a goal scorer. Suarez even though he should be on the wing. Assaidi, can not wait to see what he might be. Downing, can he live up to his past. . . like Cole I guess. Add Sterling that is 2 for each position. 6th is ok for now. lets look at the long term.

  12. I agree, and people who think FSG are going to splurge money every transfer window, are misguided and not very prudent about how they think LFC should move into the future. I’m sure every transfer window, Rodgers will get around 20-25 million to spend. Until he gets into the Champion’s League, I would not expect big 20-25 million one-off signings because it’s only once we’re in the CL or sell someone like Suarez for big money, that we should splurge to make sure we never lose CL again!!!

  13. the defensive midfielder is the one that dictates the play in Rodgers system, he said so himself

  14. We won’t start supporting another club like man.city if we think the new owner screw up. The issue right now is not about LFC or BR. If FSG don’t do the right thing in the next transfer window, more fans will want them out.

  15. True they save Liverpool when in debt. But that does not mean fans can’t give opinions and criticize them if we think they are doing something wrong. We have a minimum of 25 games until January transfer window with only two ‘strikers’. I support Liverpool and BR but if we don’t buy any striker in January i definitely not supporting FSG. We criticized them for last transfer window and hope they do the right thing in Jaunary.

  16. I cant believe some people r already hating on sahin IT WAS HIS FUKN FIRST MATCH and he didnt play bad IDIOT THESE DAYS!

  17. I’d expect big things from Shelvey this season. He’s been absolutely brilliant recently, wouldn’t be surprised if he starts tearing the Europa League apart. If Suso gets a chance like BR has hinted at, I would expect him to showcase a similar style of performances to Sterling in the past couple of weeks. Totally agree with the support of FSG and BR, I can’t believe there are idiots calling for their head this early in the season. Great video Justin! Keep the faith everyone!

  18. Do you honestly think top 4 is possible this season? if not when do you think we will be competing for it again? i miss CL so much 🙁

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