25 thoughts on “Simon Mignolet Signs for Liverpool!

  1. I have to agree with you, in that I’d prefer mig to start over reina.
    Although pepe is a good keeper, in the last 2 seasons he has been way below

  2. Yes great signing! No 1 for me now, he had to play with the Sunderland team
    in front of him, their midfield is dreadful as well.

  3. The way you pronounce players names annoys me. It probably shouldn’t be it
    really does.

  4. we’ve already signed 4players before july! i still think we need another
    dominant central defender and another effective and versatile winger! i’m a
    little worried that hendo and downing might be benched! and for me, we
    should loan out borini and yesil! sturridge and aspas is already enough!
    suarez…. idk where to begin!

  5. I speak French fluently (studies French at university and lived in France
    for some time), and I think you pronounced Mignolet’s name very well for an
    anglophone. I also think you pronounced Reina’s name rather well for an
    anglophone. (you didn’t use the typical “r” sound that English speaking
    people always make but managed to mildly roll the “r”). Where are you from?
    (It was hard for me to guess from your accent – I am not an English speaker)

  6. you have to be a good goal keeper when titas bramble is defending infront
    of you.

  7. Very pleased with this! Reina’s got some competition now! 4 signings
    already I must be dreaming

  8. We are going to have a quality side. I’m not to sold on Aspas, but I agree
    some guys need to go out on loan. I am more interested in seeing who will
    be leaving permanently

  9. btw im from uk only 30 mins drive from anfield just thought id let you know
    if your planning on going to liverpool to see anfield you should go do the
    stadium tour its really amazing and is so so cheap its like £10 it just
    starts getting expensive if you go on a mad spending spree in the lfc store
    or get photos with the champions league trophy 😀 hope you enjoy your time
    in the uk. YNWA

  10. Only way we would get that is if we sold our best player…Suarez and get
    some good players where we need it!

  11. saw at the end of the video that you aren’t English or British := (wrote
    the comment while still listening)

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