17 thoughts on “The Potemkin league – Liverpool FC debt – Trailer

  1. at last the shit team is out of it either way they cant win if they get the money they wil be called miami baseball team lool

  2. best way is not to get taken over im a wet brom fan, and were not great but were in the premier and were not in any debt, you can get to the top without being owned by foreigners.

  3. montreal canadiens have just been rleased from gillett. without government legislation. these parasites will kill football. randy lerner is in the same boat andy gray.

  4. I wish I could see that footage prior the 2007 ucl final when hicks is pretending to watch the istanbul DVD on his laptop and cheering

  5. I for one am thankful this has been made, I will send this link to RBS pr head to turn the screws on the bank who allowed this too happen out of pure greed. The premier league should be ashamed of themselves , the ‘fit and proper’ test they do is obviously a complete and utter joke.

  6. Thank fuck, someone who understands the true meaning of football. Who needs an eye for talent, when you have a billionaire who can throw £100 million at the superstars of today. Who needs tactical acumen, when your players are so superior to the opposition your guaranteed to steam-roll them. The Premier League these days is quickly becoming a competition of who has the richest owners behind them.

  7. I’m afraid I believe that is what is wrong with the football culture at the moment. What use is football if the only way you can compete is if a Billionaire decides to spank millions on you.

    Although I agree Abromavich has been great for Chelsea, especially converting debt into equity to avoid UEFA regulations, but is this really what football is about Sugar daddies spanking millions ?

  8. too bad for lfc that we’ve got such owners, look at abramovich, he really is a true gent, he loves his club..

    hopefully we get someone just as rich, but more importantly who LOVES the club

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