25 thoughts on “Andy Carroll “Rise From The Ashes”

  1. უიღბლო :(:(:( მისს იუ :(:(:( არავინ გვყავს შენზე უკეთესი ახლა 🙁

  2. @LFCproductionz better than Borini? You’re having a laugh lad. The donkey couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo, is slow as fuck, the “big touch for a big man ” is a load of al’shite seen as his second was always to the opposition. At least Borini looks like scoring all the team and puts in the effort from the start,not when he fancies.

    Can’t wait till Buck manages to fuck his 80k a week off the wage bill for Ba or Llorente.

  3. very good feet for the size of him. i cant wait for 13-14 when hes hopefully back at anfield playing or if we get him back sooner.

  4. Big Andy is really special, it’s just that he has had a lot of bad luck.. It’s just those small margins that stops him.. and all goalkeepers has their carrer’s best match when they are playing against lfc, there are tons of world class saves against his headers, shots, and especially his bicycle kick against swansea!!

    Just give the man some time, and show him support!! BR should never have loaned him out, he’s ALOT better than borini!

  5. I think Andy Carroll has the potential to be an amazing player. He just needs a little support. The press has been hard on him. I think he might just be able to replace FT9 in a little while

  6. I think Andy is a hard working talent, with all of the negative press and unluckiness on the pitch, took a toll on his confidence. He needs support and can really could become a Liverpool legend.

  7. after the performance he put in on his debut is to go by, then i agree,

    liverpool can buy Cole in the transfer window.

  8. He not an option .. But he is a demon. He now be sending out to improve his dignity of monster. He will return one day to replace rooney in england. Remember this! He is not a option..

  9. Why do I have a feeling he could become a West Ham great? Is it just or me or does anyone get the same vibe?

  10. He is gonna be tremendous for the Hammers, his fighting spirit is what Westham need, no more
    lame Calton Cole upfront now 😉
    Andy Carrol will show a lot of doubters at Liverpool how wrong a choice they have made, the manager didnt give his talents the time of day and shipped the record signing out the door.
    Hope the Hammers finish above Liverpool now, would be priceless.

  11. There isn’t one player in the premier league that can compete with Andy Carroll in the air.

  12. Sell him for fucks sake. He decided to turn after 14 months yet the amount who stick ip for him and slate Spearing who’s not once shirked in a game is pathetic.

    He’s holding us back and needs to fuck off.

  13. Lets be honest watching the first part of this video he was extremely unlucky. He was playing with confidence at the end of the season and look a some of the goals he pulled off. He seems to have lfc in his heart and has the fighting spirit. I think he should be at least given another year,

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