25 thoughts on “Is Fabio Borini Liverpool’s ‘Really Exciting’ Signing?

  1. Really good thanks. Just on our 3rd week in America, bombing around in Limos and SUVs. It’s awesome. Bought some STREETs for me and my son, some BEATS for my daughter, chick and best friend… went to Mike Tyson’s Broadway show last week and met the main man afterwards… it’s all good brother. Real good. What’s better though is when people such as yourself from other LFC sites still tune into my videos and still follow KopTalk. That’s a strong attachment. Now go get blazed 🙂

  2. Really like borini, think he will do so much better upfront with Suarez then carrol..and he proved himself against fc gomel at anfield..think there is a big future for this kid at anfield and pretty sure he’s only 21!!

  3. not sure what to expect of him really..havent seen him play much but he is a young talented prospect…don’t think 10.5m is paying over the odds for him which is a good thing but i guess u always ask the question could it of been spent wiser maybe…..afellay and miralles both available for 6-7m

  4. im getting a bit nervy about Rodgers. the way he handled the Sygurdson deal was appalling (telling him he would offer him no more than at Swansea) i think he will now shine at Spurs. Kuyt out, Maxi out Carroll looking like hes on the way out (Rodgers going public saying he will take 20M) another bad move. Cole and Aqulani back in (both have a long way to go) Borini in (played for Swansea on loan) may pay 15M for Allen (Another Swansea player and overpriced) im worried but hope im wrong!! YNWA

  5. Fabio is a good player and has experience in the EPL too which is important. Liverpool did a good signing compared to many others I was against. However Roma’s manager is Zeman who is known for a very attacking game and was one of the few in Italy who also plays many youngsters. For Zeman to get rid of Borini might mean something? Roma signed another Italian young striker of roughly the same age and same style and perhaps a tiny bit better than Borini IMO. Mattia Destro.

  6. Walcott would be exciting, Borini looks like a good signing, he’s got potential. The more I find out about Brendan Rogers the more I like. John Henry is a shrewd dude.

  7. Oh fuck off Borini is the exciting signing! Bunch of tossers we have for supporters nowadays.

  8. are you sure? dempsey got more goal than our winger , more than gerrard carrol… its nothing more than a goal man…

  9. liverpool is far away from dempsey, dempsey is not that good, there are better player than him, we should get some one from brazil, we should get romarinho, he is good and wont with his team the south american libertadores. and he still young.

  10. Any news on Walcott? Can’t see it happening myself if his agent starts pushing him for big money and CL football. The Dempsey thing’s gone quiet also – I think they wanted him on board for the US tour, not sure if there’s time now. Glad we told Mike Ashley to get stuffed though. Newcastle are just taking the piss.

  11. Fabio Borini is a definite prospect, maybe Brendan has seen something we haven’t yet. I think Dempsey is out of our reach but I would love Gaston Ramirez to come to Liverpool – that would be exciting! 🙂

  12. YOU REPLIED i nearly had a heart attack. sorry you cry? i must be crazy. you are the best keep it up

  13. We have to expect the ‘not quite so world-class yet’ players to arrive when we hear about “really exciting players” that always translates to ‘ a lot of potential in this one ‘

    Those idiots who actually thought Kaka at his age would come to a club with no CL football? Where it rains half the time and is below 15 degrees – Complete retards.

  14. Fabio Borini is a player with alot of potential, being one of the few young players in Italy’s euro ’12 team. and scored every 5 or so shots for roma last season. And he is very confident he will fit in well with Liverpool FC and hopes to combine well with Suarez. Borini is used to football in England and has a good friendship with Rodgers (rodgers was coaching with him at the age of 16).

    I think this is a great transfer but hope to see the ‘exciting’ signing in the weeks to come. YNWA.

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