9 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers Exclusive talkSPORT Interview As Liverpool Manager [Part1] 02.06.2012

  1. and a club who has taken 1 step forward and 2 steps back over the years selling their best players constantly.

  2. ofcoure we have fallen apart. we have sold world class players such as torres mascherano alonso and brought in average players who haven’t even properly proven themselves for prices such as £15/16m. comments here expecting instant success when it quite clearly isn’t going to happn as much as you wish it will. it wont. already i’ve read on forums after west brom match people are doubting rogers just because of 1 result. lol even sahin is considering chosing arsenal over us.

  3. The teams not falling apart mate, Brendan is building a new team, we don’t expect instant success but we will see improvement….which won’t be too hard to be fair, Walk on mate

  4. All ready disenchanted with this appointment, if he doesn’t bring home silverware this season he is going to be a one season wonder!

  5. well i wish yu gud luck brendan yu got very big job on yu mate, no rush plenty of time yu got on yu there’s no Pressure on yu we the fans are behind yu to see best of LFC we have big history
    and your job is to get the best out of the kop

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