25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Sign Joe Allen!

  1. Assaidi signed for Liverpool so i don’t think Dempsey would come to liverpool as both of them play in yhe same position

  2. yea and we need more firepower – dempsey and a striker we need goals and to sell Carroll

  3. joe allen is best as a pivot ala mikel arteta, it would take sometime before he gets are good as mikel tho, but he really has potential,i’ve watched swansea all season and he broke up play similar to the way mascherano did, with a little rodger polish he could be potentially great. he needs to improve his assisting and attacking game though

  4. Your midfield is spot on—that’s exactly how Rodgers intends to play. Borini-Suarez-Dempsey would be the front 3 should he sign. Downing/Ramirez (if he signs) would take Dempsey’s place on any given night.

  5. I’m not a liverpool fan but you really need gaston ramirez ,hes a world class talent who is already cemented his place into the uruguay midfield. I would have gerrard playing a free role behind the front 3, joe allen as a pivot and lucas as a CDM. the front 3 should be borini carroll/dempsey if he signs and suarez

  6. Carling Cup has now changed to the Capital One Cup, this is because they are now sponsoring it and get rights to the name.

  7. But your club and Arsenal have champions league football to offer and you’re in a better position to compete, so you can sign better players for less. It takes more for LFC to bring in quality. If you can ID someone better than Joe Allen for Rodgers and would be willing to come to LFC for 15m, then I’d like to hear it.

    Thanks for watching!

  8. If Agger leaves then a CB will surely be bought. A backup LB would be nice but that’s a luxury buy.

  9. True, but LFC aren’t making enough to be able to hand out those ridiculous wage packages. I believe about 70% of the revenue last year went towards wages, and usually clubs want to be 10-15% lower than that. LFC need to cut the wage bill while also improving, which is a difficult task that requires the buys to be perfect.

  10. I’m not sure champions league football is as important to players joining as people maybe say it is, most athletes and footballers are no different come from poor backgrounds so money plays a huge part in it, kagawa is on i think £60k a week at united, if Liverpool offered him aqualani’s old wage £120,000 i think he’d be at Liverpool right now, as for available for £15million, LFC could have got Junior Hoilet for like £3million, christian eriksen or luuk de jong for £15m ish.

  11. Subscribed,for talking so much sense in this video and also for your comments on someone else’s video

  12. Affelay would only be for a loan I think, Walcott is just linked because Arsenal don’t want to pay him more and LFC was his boyhood club, and Sahin would come in loan over Tottenham because Mourinho knows Rodgers. To my knowledge, LFC is the only serious club in for these players—the Uniteds and Citys of the world have bigger fish to fry.

  13. i get your point about not being able to attract players coz we r not in the champions league. so do you think because of that if we are after players such as affelay, walcott and sahin, that they won’t come as there are other teams who are linked with them that are in the champions league?

  14. Only if Agger leaves (he won’t). A backup LB would be nice, but that’s a luxury buy that LFC can’t think about right now. Plus I’m comfortable with Johnson on the left and Kelly on the right if Enrique goes down.

  15. Both those purchases were possible for Arsenal and Man U because they have champions league and are fighting for titles. LFC aren’t right now. We’re a project and trying to get back into contention—we’re not in contention. If you can name a player out there better than Joe Allen who’s available for 15m and willing to play for a non-champions league club, I’d like to hear it. Thanks for watching btw!

  16. He’s a good young player but is he worth £15m? Probably not when we got kagawa for £12m and arsenal got cazola for 17 both are atm anyway better players, i think liverpool could have spent £15m better.

  17. Like Brendan Rodgers says, clubs ask two million more for a transfer when Liverpool FC is linked. I guess that is the price of being a BIG club.

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