25 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers Liverpool Manager

  1. Twats saying…we are getting the wage bill down.What by selling all last seasons players who could actually perform and keeping the junk….The fans saying this are either fake fans..braindead or..fsg spokesman,as i can’t believe they actually see these sales as positive…grow a mind in which to analize things…so easily fooled by the propaganda machine.

  2. Liverpool fans used to be about the fans and trophys…..now its all pomp and bullshit….like everything American.The fans actually stick up for these leaches,braindead drones like the rest of england….due to following the american influence….so sad to see them destroy our working class club.

  3. This man is a joke….selling aqua..bellamy…kuyt…maybe agger and maxi,then having the shortsighted oppinion that hendo..downing..and the rest of the goon show from last season are here to stay…he even believes in j cole..The yanks got him in becouse they are well…yanks..money addicted shallow control freaks,whose job it is to destroy the vibe of the club and its standing from the inside….anyone who thinks thats over the top…watch this space…and learn how to think critically.

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  5. sorry suarez is a good player but we must get rid of him because he has shamed LFC

  6. Carroll cost 35million pounds which would be 44million euro. Another dumb ass American with your skewed reports.

  7. HAHA, someone press ‘transcribe audio’ and read the subtitles. Fucking hilarious.

    LFC = alice e
    Anfield = and field
    Swansea city = salon e city


  8. He knows what signings to make comin from rumours I’ve heard really happy with him and you can tell how dedicated and loyal he is showing that by learning new languages to help communicate with foreign players such as Suarez I believe this will b

  9. aint got a clue! thats so southern, and i lived in south carolina for 12 yrs bro!!!!lol!!!

  10. Reading is pronounced, Red-ing.
    You don’t call it Read ing. Like your reading a book.

    This must have been a surprise for everybody else apart from me. Rodgers is a great manager.

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