25 thoughts on “Damien Comolli Leaves Liverpool Football Club

  1. kenny next. the cups are great. but top 4 is very important to us for big money and top players

  2. Comolli leaving Liverpool… no substance? LOL. Alrighty then. Do me a favour, leave the chat to the grown-ups if you can’t offer anything. You don’t have to agree with anything I say but at least give us something to debate. Jog on 🙂

  3. I’m happy Comolli is gone cause the prices he negotiated for those players were shocking! in the summer we need a serious overhaul! Right now I believe we should sign Gourcuff who could be available this summer for around 10 – 15 Million, great player who would form a great partnership with Gerrard and Suarez and he’s a great set piece taker! I think we should also sign Dries Martens from PSV who has stats of 18 goals and 13 assists in 28 games this season! Also Patrick Herrmann

  4. For the 7 months I spent by me mam’s bed in hospital prior to her passing in February, I lived off microwave meals every day. Having returned to Spain now, I’m trying to come to terms with my loss and I have of course had plenty of days/nights out to try and get through it all. Plus the kids have been here for a fortnight. They went home today so from tomorrow it’s back on the old diet. The last couple of months lifestyle has been unavoidable but things are settling down again. YNWA.

  5. dunc, as a follower of ur channel, ive noticed u’ve put on a few kilo’s in the last couple of months, shed it off for ur own good. YNWA

  6. I feel the club needed some sort of change im pretty happy with this decision as im one of the supporters left who still have faith in kenny daglish

  7. It came out the blue no indication of commoli’s sacking. Ian Ayre sounds like he’ll be next as Kenny FSG will either give him another chance next season or show him the door too. But the buy British expriement has been an embarresment and I’m glad FSG won’t stand for none of it. we must buy quality euro or south Americans as the British players are overrated and over priced!!

  8. hope Daglish signs up some decent players now, i know Daglish said he never had a problem with Comoli or the players he signed but hes always going to say that to the camaras. If hesigns more of them same, get someone else in

  9. I’m very happy…comollli made some poor judgments. But he did get us Suarez for a good fee but over al poor. He took a shit on spurs and now he was doing us. I’m very excited. Lads …hopefully some top class players in the summer like cavani

  10. well i have always said it was the players not the manager. and this proves it.

    great vid dunc


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