25 thoughts on “XABI ALONSO | Come Home | Liverpool Football Club

  1. agreed but red and green don’t really go, more like´╗┐ red and yellow ­čÖé

  2. Alonso and Gerrard in the middle of´╗┐ the park for liverpool were both perfect and dangerous they complemented each other like red and green, him leaving effectively killed our world class form. wish he would come back home and lift us up

  3. Not even a LFC Fan.. Liverpool was´╗┐ an amazing team.. Gerrard,Alonso,Mascherano,Baros,Carragher…

  4. Oh look another assclown with no clue.

    1 – Xabi had been injured the season before that happened, and average the season before that one.

    2 – Hicks and Gillette were forcing Rafa´╗┐ to sell before he could buy, so he made a judgement call, one that in the end actually worked out.

    3 – Show some fucking respect to Rafa.

    4 – Who was it that signed Alonso in the frst place.

  5. Xabi I heard you didnt want´╗┐ to sign 2 new years with Real please come home were you belong I know you want to play with Gerrard again… You are a soccer hero!!!

  6. hahaha´╗┐ listen to the scousers beg back for xabi get real(pun intended) hes at a far better club in his home country move the fuck on!!!!!

  7. Yeah i know i meant for Real Madrid he’s won everything´╗┐ but champions league.

  8. r u ok? if u don’t understand me tell me! the´╗┐ problem is that i agree with u! damn

  9. His got´╗┐ nothing better to do mate, or his a Utd fan either way his a bean lol

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