25 thoughts on “Gylfi Sigurdsson Transfer – Liverpool or Tottenham?

  1. You got to crazy. Gotta have a real need. You gotta sleep on your toes, when you’re on the streets. Got to be able to pick out the easy meat, with your EYES CLOSED!

  2. What still really ticks me off is that we took shitty Adam who is slow on the ball and can’t run and is in his late 20s with never any sell on value to him for £8million from Blackpool and they take Tom Ince a great winger with bags of pace, skill, very young and talented with great sell on potential and has football in the genes and probably will be young player of the championship next season for hardly anything.
    WTF who was doing these crazy deals for us!!!

  3. 2nd team same system GK=Doni RB=Kelly CB=Coates CB=Carragher LB=Robinson.
    CM=Adam CM=Coady. OMH=Bellamy OMC=Aquilani OMV=Sterling

  4. 4-2-3-1  GK=Reina RB=Johnson CB=Skrtel CB=Agger LB=Enrique. CM=Henderson CM=Lucas. OMH=Downing OMC=Gerrard OMV=Suarez TARGETMAN=CARROLL!!!!!!!

  5. id rather g.ramirez than sigurdsson if weve stopped on the sigurdsson deal for ramirez im glad

  6. Dont give a shit about Gylfi Sigurdsson! joining us. Not interested in a player who wants to play LFC against other teams just to line their own pocket. I will get excited about a player who puts LFC above other Teams because they WANT TO PLAY for the greatest club in the world!

  7. Hey ! what do you think about the new rumour surrounding gaston ramirez coming to liverpool :
    ‘GASTON Ramirez has achieved his goal of securing a move to a “big club” this summer, with Liverpool reportedly signing the Uruguay international for £20 million.’ according to the express anyways ! Whats your take on this ?

  8. Sigurdson is clearly a money grabbing prick. Like Torres is. Therefore he can FUCK OFF

  9. I agree totally, if we keep rolling over for clubs wanting big fees you end up spending 20 mill on downing lol.

  10. the point i’m making is that he wouldn’t have even considered leaving if he were totally loyal…

  11. and i think finally weve got a manager who wont get mugged off when paying for player!!!! YWNA

  12. i dont think its about his wages, its about spurs offering hoffenheim more the fools :/ good player but not gunna lose sleep if he does go to them

  13. Just the exact same point you made. He stayed at Liverpool. That’s all that matters to us true reds.

  14. Stupid kid.. We are not going to bow down to his wages.. He’s obviously tryna get big money offers from liverpool and spurs. Who does he think he is being a loan swansea player then come to the most successful british club in england demanding big wages. Fool.. He should go to rubbish spurs instead seriously. What a insult to our legacy. Rather have ramirez anyday. Please get him.


  15. completly agree dunc, im not being funny but we always pay over the price for player, so its about time we stop and say no! and other thing sigurdsson is a good player and i would like to see him at liverpool next season, but if all he cares about is whos gonna ofer him the most money then he can go to spurs, because i want people who do it for the money i want people who want to join for the club! YNWA

  16. Ok no worries Dunc ! Just got the app then for my iPad can’t wait for the site to be back on though 🙂 hope we get gylfi and zramirez as well Y.N.W.A

  17. he stayed with you after weeks of thinking about it… if he was loyalty personified like you say he wouldn’t have needed weeks to think about whether he wanted to stay… he would’ve made up his mind in a second. if he was loyalty personified as you say he would’ve told chelsea and madrid where to go, instead of publicly saying that he would love to move there…

  18. And he stayed with us when deals where on the table for much bigger money. He IS loyalty personified, he’s Liverpool FC in the flesh. He represents everything we stand for as a club, the pride and the passion.

  19. is it true that city want him aswell and how gud is this fella never seen him play b4…….but i got a feeling he mite come 2 us coz suarez and coates r with us

  20. FSG are not gonna pay big money on player not now not ever they paid for carrol with money from torres

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