25 thoughts on “Jonjo Shelvey deletes Twitter account after LFC fan abuse

  1. Because he is an over paid football player… I’m in college.
    Well it isn’t. Look at Joey Barton! You can’t even say he isn’t shit!
    By todays standards at Liverpool yeah he is good but look back to our 2005 team! That was a beautiful strong team with excellent players and compare to our team now.

  2. Listen fellow red. Shelvey hasnt had a sniff since that abysmal performance now has he? I didnt say he was shit, i said he was shit on the night. Which he was and because of that he has fell down the pecking order and young hendo is doing the business. Try watching a game once in a while mate.

  3. Shelvey is definitely not shit, also keep in mind he’s only 20 years old.

  4. At 16 Henderson was earning 10k+ a week. Also, it’s literally impossible for him to be “shit” and play football at a professional level. Especially at a club like Liverpool. I admit I was hesitant on Henderson at first to be good enough to play for Liverpool, but lately he’s been playing A LOT better. You can tell he’s training his ass off and doing everything he could to improve as a player. Against Norwich not only did he score but he also sparked the play that created Sturridge’s goal.

  5. And that would matter to me if I objectified money…
    Also, being 16 I can’t really be on a good pay check.

  6. Well he does have this lazy approach on the pitch I cannot stand.. But abuse is a bit too far

  7. Maybe he realises hes been shit recently and social media is a no go zone, its just one or two fools spoiling it really, that said, we have looked very impressive since Henderson has been central.

  8. His bald head is worth more than your pathetic life. Earns more in a week then you can ever dream of making you cunt, so keep “trolling” while he’s having a career in football and getting paid. #stupidity.

  9. Henderson doesn’t even bother with FB or twitter, so maybe he took some advice from Hendo?

  10. ironically downing and henderson have both been playing superbly as of late

  11. One bad game, Shelvey has rarely scored this seaosn or had a great game. He is better than Henderson, suzo and Downing but still not a top player.

  12. If you like Shelvey, why is he poor, you’re saying he’s poor because he had a less than average game… If Suarez had one poor game would he suddenly be poor, if Messi, Ronaldo etc had a bad game would they be poor?

  13. They are not top level footballers, although I like Shelvey and think he can improve.

  14. By the way, when you say “Abuse” you mean calling him names over a computer.

    Its hardly abuse, what form of abuse is it exactly?

    Twitter abuse ? There is no such thing.

    People need to stop being bitches and get on with their jobs which for Jonjo is playing good football and for the sad pathetic dickheads that actually use twitter, their goal is to find a fucking life.

  15. By the way, Its not as if Jonjo is suicidal or cant stop crying for fuck sake, did it really need for you to make a video about this shit, i mean it was probably you who abused him you silly cunt.

  16. Shelvey was lazy and didnt apply himself whatsoever in Wednesdays game, OK, some dickheads give him some shit on his twitter account, so what, maybe that will give him the kick up the arse to improve and get stuck into games, I know Jonjo is one mean bastard in the tackle and i want him in the team but he cant play like he did on Wednesday, same go’es for others, Glenn Johnson went missing in the Stoke game, Skrtle and Agger had a nightmare, which leads me to question the commitment..

  17. Well if you play a crap game, you should expect criticism from your fans…

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