25 thoughts on “Kenny Dalglish sacking – Opinions from Liverpool fans

  1. we dont sing asbout your shower of shit. i wish we would,i’d happily sing antu utd songs all fuckin day. but if anyone pipes up with a song about utd,they are told “fuck utd,we arent playing them”

  2. First twit wants Jose second twit didn’t even know kenny got sacked third twit calls kenny a legend with he is at blackburn hahahaha hears something you all know 19 18 united

  3. great manager, we’ve had really bad luck this season imo.. losing to swansea is terrible

  4. Youve change your tune havent you lad? You were proud to say you sing about us every week, now your trying to say we do the same? i can assure you we dont, not unless we’re playing you, we laugh at you because you show your bitter obsession at every game you play. ps & whats the build a bonfire all about? i sang that at school back in the 70’s about the prefects & teachers, PATHETIC

  5. You laugh at us while we win…do you think we care? i guarantee you Liverpool fans sing about united when they don’t play us. If you are saying they don’t, then you do not go to games.

  6. errrrm are you for real? Your obsessed, the songs about you’s are only heard when we play you, nothing to do with who’s the best, we’ll slag you regardles, I really think its pathetic & funny what you do, you dont impress us, we laugh at you, your playing the likes of arsenal & your singing about us? I bet opposing fans are laughing at you too?ps Fergie didnt bring the kids through, end of

  7. If our owners beleave Roberto Martinez is the right manager to take our club forward then I fully back the decision. YNWA.

  8. did i say they did not do a good job? you do know fergusson hires them right? He makes the final decision. He decides who plays and when they play, so he gets most of the credit. We sing about you but you know why you dont do the same? because you are shit, why would you sing about a team thats above you. And liverpool do sing about united even when they are shit. shut it mate,

  9. Bitter? Are you having a laugh? all the bile spewed out by ratboy neville & fergie over the years at our club? & your fans singing about us at every game? do you know what lad, we stand there in the ale house laughing at your pathetic fans singing your liverpool songs when were not even playing you, its so funny, And it was luck, & i dont think your scouts would take too kindly you giving fergie all the praise for the kids either, it was nothing to do with him, they spotted them, its their job 

  10. i see you are just a bitter scouse haha, you call it luck, billions call it greatness. UTID

  11. I knew exactly what you said, i totally disagree with you, fergie was very lucky he inherited “the kids” as hansen called them, that’ll never happen again having 5 or 6 kids of that quality as a platform to build success, that wasnt down to fergie, that was down to your backroom staff & scouts, he was on his way out before they came along after 3 or 4 years of failure, end of

  12. I am guessing you are from liverpool since you can not interpret a single english sentence.
    I will explain
    Fergie is twice the manager queen kenny is.
    Just as it is the other way around when it comes to playing
    Kenny was ten times the player fergie was.

  13. Mourinho  n pep keep getting brought up by jobcentre brigade are these ppl for real there agents would piss there pants if approached

  14. To be fair I think we need to give the owners time lets see where we are the end of next year

  15. Hate you henry ..you can f off and sell to some other people who really care about the club and not money..hope some sheikh will buy the club from you..i rather have them than you who can only think about money making project only..lfc is not a company but it is our soul..btw where is our new stadium?????

  16. Please do realise that when you change coach there is always pro and con..especially player leaving..suarez may go to barca and skrtle may go anywhere..try to see the big picture..sometime I do realise people make mistake but for this..it a sin to throw away a legend..i love liverpool style this year except the finishing but that can change if we got some star striker to do the job..we are in europe and we can attract some star.

  17. Even fergie mess up in a few early season of his management..that is call rebuilding..now you sack a legend coach who is trying to build lfc legacy with attavking and flair but you sack him..very unfair toward a manager who try to build a young squad from from nothing to something in long term..we are in europe and that attract some star to boost the club…all bcoz stupid idiotic henry..when you let american in your club this will hapen..they dun care about anything except MONEY making only..

  18. 2nd comings in management rarely work out , and Kenny’s was no exception, Liverpool relied too much on their past glories and the man they think is god to bring back the good times, plain fact is Liverpool will never recapture what they were in the 70s and 80s, there’s too many hungrier, richer and more ruthless teams today like Utd, City, Chelsea, Spurs and even Newcastle. Even Arsenal and Everton are more consistent.

  19. are you a manc or a bitter blue? king kenny has won titles & cups as a manager, fergie played for glasgow rangers reserves, thats why he’s king kenny,dont even go there with “the other way around as a player” fergie was a no mark footballer, kenny was a successful manager, ps do you know anyone in world football who has won more than kenny as a combined player & manager? most successful managers were crap footballers like fergie, kenny was a world class, end of

  20. Oh dear, I forgot where I was. The Internet! Why on earth did I think I was going to have an intelligent conversation with faceless “football experts”? I’ll leave you guys to yourselves.

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