11 thoughts on “The Potemkin league – part four – Liverpool FC documentary

  1. no problem as we are more than happy with the current Americans in charge of the club. YNWA.

  2. “Why you focking with this company? Because it’s fockable and Liverpool was more fockable than most” lol what the hell does that even mean? 4:36

  3. lfc fans in england..please dont hold this against all americans..we have to deal with the same shit from greedy criminals like this. lfc love from the states! ynwa

  4. @tmollrocek
    (contd) and to guide the viewer’s experience. At some points it was quite funny as well.

    3) Footage of shankly- impressive, and in fact the whole introduction to LFC was really well done

    4) Score- loved the music, just the right atmosphere

    In short, loved this documentary, and I’m saying that both as a student of film and a Liverpool fan.

  5. Fantastic documentary, and the best film treatment of the LFC ownership issue I’ve seen. Blows its nearest competition (Liverpool, Texas) out of the water.

    Here’s what you did really well:
    1) The core of the issue- debt-based economics and the universal nature of this problem. Football club ownership as a microcosm of the situation the entire world economy faces. This was laid out clearly and thoroughly.
    2) Film clips for emphasis- worked brilliantly to keep the piece flowing (cont)

  6. you cant spell ‘and’, its an editing error, happens to us all, as you just proved.

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