Klopp’s Appointment Of Assistant Goalkeeping Coach

Jurgen Klopp wants the goalkeepers of Liverpool to take advantage of the inclusion of Jack Robinson as his backroom member. The club made an announcement that Robinson is ready to enter as first team assistant goalkeeping coach. It is basically a role which gives an opportunity to Robinson to work alongside the Reds keepers and John Achterberg. Robinson has been coaching over two years to goalkeepers of England U15-U17 post a 7 year break from the academy and also as first team stoppers at United.

As far as his career is concerned, it was inclusive of moments with Leeds United and Crystal Palace. Klopp is under the belief that Robinson will turn out to be an added value to his existing coaching team. The Liverpool’s manager said Robinson is young but highly experiences and it’s difficult to get such additions every time. There are instances in the games when there has been a requirement for 5 goalies.

Currently, it all looks a bit different since Loris has exited. Wardy has left and Caoimhin is currently injured. However, they would be back soon. Kamil, Alison and Simon are already there and the team has 4 goalkeepers who need the coach to focus on them. Therefore, John made this sensible decision of bringing in another person who can be there as his assistant. He found what he was looking for and there cannot be anyone better Robinson as he fits the role perfectly. He is an excellent guy and a nice man with a whole lot of experiences as per John. He has performed distinct types of jobs and people have high regards for him. When John met Robinson for the first time, he felt so nice meeting him and they saw some of his sessions captured in videos. So, the entire team is happy to make him a part of the club.