25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC 0 West Brom 3 Match Review!

  1. The reason why were bashing him is because he comes nowhere near liverpool quality and we expect a lot more from a liverpool player than the completely ineffective performances that he provides.

  2. and hopefully your days of supporting liverpool as well. the club doesnt need fans like you

  3. Yeah I saw a stat that said like the past 3-4 years LFC have lost 75% of the games they’ve been a goal down in to start… I don’t remember the exact numbers, but the overall mentality that the stat shows is shocking.

  4. So tired of these general lfc bashers, downing didn’t have a great game but he wasn’t awful…Phil Dowd was awful and Gera to my knowledge has never scored a better goal than that…the only thing that has to change is lfc’s mindset, its unacceptable that we never win goals after going a goal down. That and perhaps signing/selling a couple more players

  5. Even though we lost, I’m looking forward for this season. We all know that Brandon Rogers is a great manager and he changed the team’s play style in a very short time!
    I think the only thing we can do is believing him.

  6. My thing is, Rodgers wants Suarez to be the inside forward, because he requires that position to create for better finishers on the outside. We saw that against Gomel at Anfield. We’ll see what happens though.

  7. Suarez should be on a wing, Borini is better clinically. Can’t wait for Ossie to replace Downing on the other wing. But it is only one match, it is not time to call for Rodgers sacking. But there are still Rafa supporters, much less Kenny supporters out there. I have a feeling we are going to hear from them after every loss this season.

  8. Yep it’s true. In my video I mention that little fact in a title in the bottom right hand corner early on.

  9. Yep it’s true. In my video I mention that little fact in a title in the bottom right hand corner early on.

  10. Amazing video friend,you said in this video what i think exactly.keep em good videos coming and you’ll never walk alone

  11. I think we should play assaidi he takes players on and downing is just shit and was a overprice buy, waste of money

  12. Every player had an off day. That’s okay. There should be no worry about Gerrard, Agger et al getting into form. The only worry is that Suarez is not taking his chances.

    Completely agree with everything in this video.

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