25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC A Club With History

  1. There was once a time when we won every thing. This season disaster. Hope next season will be much better.

  2. OMG…!! Superb work Mr. Nabil…and the song fits the video outrightly

  3. Már több mint 30 éve a szívem csücske ez a csodálatos Foci csapat!!!!! YNWA!!!

  4. that club doesn’t even deserve to mentioned in the same sentence as Liverpool. Anyway financial fair play rules actually kick in this june onwards, we’ll see where these plastics will be.

  5. That was 9 minutes of absolute sensation of beauty. Love Liverpool Football Club. YNWA..

  6. Epic,best,amazing! This is what Liverpool is! What chelski never will be!… Y.N.W.A. ! 🙂

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