13 thoughts on “Lucas Leiva – Liverpool Football Club/Brazil – HD

  1. Sick video! I was wondering do you get your clips from a capture or download clips of the Internet? or whatever you do to collect clips, could you tell me..?

  2. Probably the only player I would pick to to captain after Gerrard and carragher. Simply because he’s so loyal and hard working and never complains… He’s very humble!

  3. love Lucas! despite the fact that even lfc fans hated him, he blossomed into the best defensive midfielder in the pl. YNWA!!

  4. had faith in him since the first day he joined. !! Gonna be best midfielder in the world !!

  5. 0.09 started 20/30 yards behind, it wasn’t his responsibility to tackle that player but the lad doesn’t give two fucks he wants to get possession for his team and if he doesn’t get there then he’ll die trying. give it 2 years and we may look back on hammann, mash and sissoko in the same way we look back on baros, cisse and crouch, good players, but i wouldn’t go back YNWA

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