23 thoughts on “Nuri Sahin – First Official Liverpool Interview

  1. /watch?v=XuE5oFFG1ng

    Nuri Sahin laughing about Großkreutz! its funny 🙂 /// Nuri Sahin lacht Großkreutz aus :)

  2. His greatest dream was playing on time for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League as a captain. He and his old “friends” had a promise to stay together. Madrid a dream? Dortmund is dream enough. All his words were lies, but thing was not a lie: To play one time for Real Madrid.

  3. I bet you would reject real madrid if you were a footballer…pfff!!..these chances only come once in a lifetime..

  4. millions of new liverpool fans from istanbul to you scousers..:)..I am extremely happy that he is now playing for liverpool..take good care of him..he is a distinguished talent with extreme flair and agility..Nuri is the maestro of the midfield!!

  5. He ist not really intelligent – i speak, german, english, polish (its a totally another language) and a little bit spanish (i learnt it a too short time) – so what….it says nothing about his intelligence, its just school learning! His german interviews i never compared with intelligent interviews 😉 – but Lewandowski seems to be intelligent! He can much better German now as Sahin english. But Sahin learnt it all his school life.

    Greets from Dortmund!


  7. Grow up u kid and get off this page u seen ur own team swensea looking better then spurs aka spuds

  8. I think its so funny that LFC got shafted by Fulham over the Dempsey deal. They thought they could force FFC’s hands with these dodgy tactics and came unstuck. He’s gone to Spurs now and the pundits have said that Spurs are a bigger club than LFC …lol. Too right. Another nail of reality into the coffin of your delusional LITTLE club. Enjoy yourselves fighting for a midtable finish this season, thats if you can avoid relegation…lolllol.

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