24 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Press Conference Review + Transfer Ins & Outs

  1. why u asking dunc like he got some inside info? he knows same as you from papers,internet and the radio ffs

  2. Dunk, know when we’re training at harvard? can u tell me timings if you could. might go out to watch . Thanks

  3. Dempsey is 29 years old and due to his age it would be ridiculous to pay a big fee. Let us hope that Brendan can add younger players to Liverpool and bring back those famous days when other teams feared us.

  4. Jacamo sponsored your video, I’m not really sure what you are implying. I only shop at Marks and Spencer and Waitrose for the highest quality pork pies.

  5. Salary Cap,. I am in agreement. While I do love the whole transfer market/etc in comparison to American sports, the cap can help out the game as a whole.

  6. any chance of the incredibly exciting player being Alonso mate? haha i’ve prayed every night for 3 years that that man would come back to us lol

  7. As a season ticket holder of around 15 years, I’m in the fortunate position that I can pick and choose what games I want to go to, even though I live on the Med. That’s what us grown ups do. If you look at my videos you will see that I go to the games with my son usually, not that it’s any of your business. BTW, I see that you’re 19. Do you realise that KopTalk was online when you were potty training. Who’s the daddy huh? God Save The Queen 😉

  8. Great Video Dunk! can’t wait to see some new signings for liverpool hopefully, keep the videos coming! Have a good time in America (enjoy the match 😉 ) YNWA!

  9. I know all about it mate. I can’t stand it. Only have the odd one when desperate i.e. there’s no water around. Can’t stand it.

  10. dunk – research aspartame (diet coke) and also how ineffective these type of drinks are.. 🙂 

  11. It should always be about pass-and-move. We also need wingers. I don’t see any yet.

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