23 thoughts on “Oussama Assaid • Welcome To Liverpool! •

  1. Did you watch him play before ? NO, I did, you watched a couple of compilation videos and decided Cazorla is better than him, your statements sound more stupid than mine to me.

  2. He kind of reminds me of a pacier Nasri. Looks to be a really good signing. Well done Liverpool. Early in the summer I was hoping Arsene would go for him.

  3. Yeh but have you seen either of them play in the Premier League yet?
    Okay then , shhhh.

  4. Why was it pointless comparing? I saw Liverpool and ARSENAL(!!!!) fans comparing the two players suggesting Assaidi could be better which is just complete madness. Cazorla has 40 odd caps for Spain (World and European champions) and was generally considered the best player outside of Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain. Whereas Assaidi’s had 8 caps for Morocco and plays in a weak Eredivisie. My point still stands and FYI I did watch the video.

  5. I bet before Santi Cazorla actually came to Arsenal you hadn’t seen him play once so I don’t know how you can compare players you haven’t even see play yet? So you can say ‘Deluded Liverpool Fan’ when you’ve actually watched every Arsenal and Liverpool game where each player have played in, made a comparison at the end of the season and then decide who’s better. Once you’ve done that I’ll be glad to hear your point, but until then STFU and watch the damn video..

  6. liverpool fans are getting so hyped over this guy but you’ve got to admit the defending in these clips are poor , ive seen sunday league teams defend better than them…

  7. One thing that shocked me is Gaston Ramirez to Southampton 11-12m its on sky sports :/

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