25 thoughts on “Samed Yesil – The First LFC Interview

  1. Chill out guys..this is not a professional translator ..he’s his cousin…he probably doesn’t have a professional translator yet

  2. einfach selfmade Übersetzer xD Faintacrobat du Loser , wenn du nicht Englisch kannst , dann lass uns wenigstens die Deutsche Version in Ruhe hören !

  3. This kid looks very good! If Sterling can get into the first team maybe Yesil will force his way too…he is good to have on the bench

  4. Was ein möchtegern Übersetzer ey
    ich glaub er hat mit Hilfe des Google-Übersetzers übersetzt x-D

  5. I’m not sure how he was brought up but ya the Leverkusen fans are angry especially since they only got £1m for him. sami hyypiä being the manager helped this to happen.

  6. That is an absolutely shocking translation. I’d wager a bet that Samed actually speaks better English than the translator!

  7. he also talks like Özil..like an idiot from a special school but he’s
    not supposed to be smart right? cant believe Leverkusen was so
    incredibly stupid to sell him

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