11 thoughts on “The Potemkin League- Liverpool Football Club documentary

  1. this is what 90% of football fans dont know is going on.
    i dream of the day lfc is owned by the supporters ill give every pennie i own

  2. Hi guys, just to follow up from the last message, as you can see from our youtube page I am also a filmmaker and would like to get intouch with Joe Hood who did the music. Thanks guys. YNWA

  3. Great documentary guys! What is the name of the piace of music played on a piano that is throughout the documentary.. YNWA

  4. Ill never understand why the people don’t just unite and go from palace to mansion in Surrey and The Hampton’s murdering these corrupt bastards until they think “Shit we best stop fucking over these people or we’ll be next.”

  5. I am a Chelsea fan, but I am mad as hell to see things turn out like this for any sports team, regardless if it’s Liverpool F.C.!

  6. I enjoyed most of this documentary. Very enlightening. Leveraged buyouts will soon be a thing of the past.
    13.20 It is a horrendous eyesore, a typical piece of modern architectural filth.

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