25 thoughts on “Being Liverpool Trailer (Spoof)

  1. if u watch the series..wats the dub step song they play when they highlighting/playing fc gomel?..anyone?

  2. If ur failing in ur history subject…then…just start following liverpool and…..
    Ull never fail again

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  4. Everyone on talksport support Manc Ushited bunch of cockney cunts (yes they are from London (born) and support Man Utd!) only Mickey Quinn the true red! The rest bunch of bellends!

  5. usual talksport up man utds ass so much their nose is brown really funny hojestly bravo *clap clap*

  6. Before these motherfuckers were even born, Liverpool ruled europe and england. so show respect cocksuckers, its like making fun of old people just because they aren’t in their primes anymore, fucking british magazine editing assholes

  7. ‘The season that will change their lives… forever!’
    I had to lol when they showed the table with Liverpool in 18th place!

    (No offence, all meant in good humour).

  8. Please refrain from commenting on youtube videos. Pay attention more in school, or read a dictionary.

    You always slag off fucking Liverpool. Slag someone else (off) like Real Madrid, they’re near the bottom of their league.

    Why can’t kids spell these days, or even formulate a sentence properly.

  9. Being a liverpool fan at this moment in time is as depressing as being an AC Milan fan. 3 points from 4 games in serie A. But at least they have the excuse of selling their best two players to PSG.

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