24 thoughts on “Chelsea 2 Liverpool 1 – FA Cup Final 2012

  1. why do people go mad about criticising players. it’s your own opinion! sat him down there with the season ticket holder comment hahaha DKB YNWA

  2. You’re 3 months too late… not the brightest bulb are we. As a season ticket holder since the 90’s I go to as many games as I want. Didn’t see you out in the U.S. during pre-season… still saving?

  3. fuck sake. critising players. saying there fuckin shit aint right u negative fucker.. yeah we lost a cup final an it hurt.. how many games do u go to a year?

  4. just came across this… i agree with you. tried to give henderson a chance along with spearing and downing. but lets be honest now completely shit. Hopefully rodgers brings some solid wingers and also gives sterling a chance. 

  5. Coming from a die-hard Chelsea supporter who, unlike most of our annoying fans, has been around pre-Abramovich, I can honestly say, I’d swap 1million of our current fans just for this one passionate man. I wish there were more guys like this in football, or at least, supporting Chelsea.
    Will subscribe to this channel now, and will watch as many videos as I can.
    Good work.

  6. nah Gerrard is a pretty damn good penalty taker..
    Carroll was never BAD…
    but liverpool have been playing him wrong up until recently…
    you’ve been trying to play him as a Torres type player
    which he just doesn’t have the pace for.

    notice that the second liverpool started crossing the ball to him he started scoring,
    you need to take advantage of his strength and height, not his pace,,

  7. oh look a bitter cunt…
    i was trying to be as polite as possible before, but if all i’m gonna receive is abuse from you idiots then fuck it…

    they may not finish above you.
    but the fact that they came close despite the fact that you spent the same amount as CHELSEA and MAN CITY is kinda pathetic…

    meanwhile those two teams i mentioned are in premier league contention and champions league contention respectively…

  8. Nobody should be missing penos. I say we let Agger take them from now on nobody else seems to want to score!

  9. Granted they werent at full strength, but a team containing terry, ramires, essien, ivanovic, malouda, torres and sturridge is still in no way a push over. The underperforming signings such as henderson, carrol and downing werent bad players last season when dalglish signed them. I still believe hendo and carroll will come good (call me what you will)…. downing still has a bit of work to do to win me over completely but while he wears a red shirt i’ll continue to offer him my support.

  10. uh dude, chelsea fan here…
    don’t you reckon it’s a BIT hypocritical to say Everton are a “Small Club” while they finish above you this year?

  11. to be fair that wouldn’t have been a 4-1 win if chelsea were at full strength…
    even as a liverpool fan you’ve got to admit putting 4 past Ross Turnbull is a fairly different story to putting 4 past Petr Cech..
    that and we hit the woodwork a few times (Torres could have had a goal of the season contender in the first half…..

  12. 4-1 we had 4 first team members missing, you had 5 missing. That’s all Torres did and he MISSED! LOOOL. Munich will win, it’s inevitable. It’s all downhill for you now. No champions league next year. No one knows who Chelski are. Wave byebye to Torres, Drogba and Lampard. Torres is so shit now its actually funny. It’s especially funny when everyone thinks he’s back, when in actual fact he’s never coming back. Remember, We’ve won it 5 times! Don’t message back if you don’t care 😉

  13. Are You Retarded, Chelsea Rested All Of There First Team Squad, So Obviously We Weren’t Gonna Win, We Have A Champions League Final To Prepare For You Stupid Fuck,

    Mata, Drogba Lampard, Cole, Kalou , Cech, Weren’t Even Playing, So Where Would The Supply Come From,

    Plus Torres Showed A Touch Of Class, When He Hit The Bar, Getting Past That Motherfucker Carragher, So Unlucky, We Hit The Post Twice, Could’ve Been Different

    Now Please Just Go And Fuck Off Because You Are Annoying U Twat

  14. Yeah because he was brilliant last night! LOOOL 4-1 where was your precious rent boy? xD Carragher had him in his pocket all night and carragher isn’t even very god anymore. Torres washed up. Go cry.

  15. we lost but i still think kennys is the rite man look we won somting were in the uefa cup come on boys heads up an yer well played carroll fucking played BOSS!!!! an the was over the line hahahha

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