25 thoughts on “Sebastian Coates Goal vs QPR

  1. great gol Seba!! I hope the new coach gives you more playing time this season!! do all of us South Americans proud !!

  2. Hahaha you’re fucking hilarious you lad. You’re 10+ posts on this one page says everything about a self serving agenda.

  3. @availlio Fuck off you silly little shitehawk. Clearly not born within a 1000 miles of Anfield, you’re lucky, with that shite you’d get twatted.

  4. its like a fucking mass isn’t it?

    do you all recite your agenda at the start of the day?

    “carra’s” in to tell the experienced internationals what to do,
    the in experienced full-back needs to have his hand held
    nobody can speak the language so carragher must interpret for everybody

    you’ve got yourself a shitty little cult going there haven’t you?

    you’re going nowhere and you’re not taking us with you

  5. nothing like the big interesting life you lead eh? searching the web for any signs of dissent

    putting a ludicrous self-serving agenda across. who the fuck do you think you are?

  6. the deluded authority of the foul-mouth scally scumbag , we can all see who their fucking role model is !

  7. fuck off yourself you quim-hating, carragher sucking queen!!

    you mean coates was put in the firing line after not playing at all so carragher, at last, realising reality was about to bite him in the arse, and the prospect of some seriously pissed off fans at our inevitable humiliation, actually regained some sense and dropped himself !

    carragher has seriously held the team and eventually the club back, you total and utter tool

    you live in a fantasyland , i and other fans want no part of

  8. @Seanh2k11 Downing needed Carragher to guide him through at Left Back, that was why Coates was left out in favour of Carra. Not hard to grasp.

  9. you said, and i quote “coates was left out because downing was at left-back” what does that mean other than you saying coates was going to play LB…

  10. @Seanh2k11 I didn’t say he was a left back. Carragher started vs hearts because Downing was left back. Agger is our best CB, so Coates starting in his absence proves he’s rated. Do you even have a point to make?

  11. Fuck off you whopper.

    Coates was left out because downing was at left-back, it’s a Europa tie. Rodgers blatantly rates him, hence why he started against city.

    Now fuck off hating on a club legend you absolute mewling quim.

  12. and yet carragher got the gig against hearts

    after coates plays a blinder against citeh

    it’s like the carragher approved “boss” took carragher out of the firing line against citeh while putting the , according to the carragher clan,”inexperienced” coates in against the champs, after hardly featuring during pre-season!

    were the “clan” hoping he came a cropper?! hard fucking cheese !!!

  13. Got Nothing Better To Do With Your Pathetic Little Life Except Comment or Attempt to Troll and Get Friends

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