25 thoughts on “Liverpool Deny Gaston Ramirez Interest To Save Face

  1. Ramirez is shiiite, his agent must be a great sales man to so many lfc fans purring over him.. HOe ain’t good enough for lfc, we need something better

  2. Are any of yous actually from Liverpool y dnt use support your local team instead of clinging on to ours were not English we are SCOUSE !!!!!!

  3. a player who choose to play for more money, , ,they will never perform at highest level, ,A player who is fully committed to the club,play for the club,never ,love the club,wanted to give his everthing to the club,that kind of player will bring alot of glory to the club.And turn to be a legend. . .The player i mean is Steven Gerrard.He never ask Liverpool to raise his weekly wage,once liverpool offer him a contract,no matter how much his wage,he accepted it without thinking too much…

  4. you idiot .tottenham and liverpoo dint offer the same package. . .Tottenham accept Gylfi wage demand while Liverpool think that wage are too high for a player like him.Please do research before you come and strike at LFC fans.

  5. spur and us both are in the europa league, ,We have better advantage,we got Stevie,who every single youngster in the world will love to play alonside him,and we got Suarez and Coates, ramirez uruguay teammate,and we will play tiki-taka football,a tactic which most of midfielder in the world will love to play bcoz it give midfielder alot of space and freedom.And we are 1 of the most succesful club in EPL. .And maybe ramirez are a reds fans,who know?we are fuking popular!

  6. we need to get into talks with him and his agent before someone like spurs ( the hijackers ) get involved.

  7. Gylfi joined tottenham because liverpool are shit he was offered the same package by both teams and h choose spurs because your turning into a mid-table team

  8. I remember Borini scoring a shitload of goals in the reserves for us but Ancelotti never gave him a chance. I wish him good luck if he joins Liverpool. Can’t really knock the kid because he wanted the contract but Chelsea didn’t offer him one.

    PS: That last part about FSG is priceless, Dunc hahaha

  9. I love Ur video Duncan .. It’s a big step from Liverpool to throw a clear message that U come to Liverpool for the shirt not for the money .. Sigurdsson was a good player but doesn’t deserve 70k/week .. I hope to see more player coming Up from the academy and break in the first team.. that’s the way to keep Liverpool competitive with the Big Mafia out their .. sad to see Maxi goes today as he was a good back Up but it also give more chances for Sterling to be more involve with the first team ..

  10. I know my dad went apeshit when he found out there was a mascot saying these Americans r ruining r club and I said with a man in a costume I personally find it really funny

  11. Gaston Ramirez is a real talent. I think he should be our Number 1 priority. He would be awesome in a 4-3-3 with Suarez adn Borini/Carroll. Really want to see him at Anfield.

  12. I’m just saying Dunc there’s no real reason to be disheartened with FSG, they’ve shown their commitment by their spending, their net spend isnt that much but i’ve got a lot of faith in them,. ps im not a ‘hater’ Dunc u actually follow me on twitter.

  13. Regarding the liver bird its for the kids man u have had one for years with their fred the red.

  14. Probably on RAWK forum now terrible site i was permantly banned for saying John Flannagan is not god enough.

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