25 thoughts on “JLBsportsTV Fan Friday #6! We Answer Your Questions!

  1. I think you’ll notice Gerrard will maybe drop to the bench at the end of next season he needs to up his performance in my opinion 

  2. If you saw Dempsey’s tweets from the other day, I have no idea. It appears like the entire deal has gone rogue.

  3. He was only 3m, he’s 24, he’s a boss in FIFA, and Dutch fans and Moroccan fans have said great things about him. It’s a quality signing.

  4. C’mon now that’s not right. Remember where we were 2 years ago… LFC is now a player in the transfer market, they’ve wiped the wage bill to healthy levels, they’ve signed new sponsorships, and the stadium continues to be investigated. There’s now at least money to get things done—there was just hopelessness before.

  5. the only way we will win the title is if we get new owners because i’m already sick of them there lying fucks

  6. Gerrards got 4years left maximum, you really think liverpool will win the league in the next 4years?

  7. Oops. I got the pronunciation correct in my video I did of him a few days ago, but not here. My bad!

  8. Yeah i know i don’t usually get excited about paper talk i just like seeing who we are supposedly linked with 😛

  9. Do you think that Assaidi – Borini – Suarez is a better formation than we currently have? I think Borini would be better as a CF with his poaching skills, and Suarez on the wing.

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