1. I want to tell couple of words TO ALL SUPPORTERS OF LFC who hate rafa….jut one sentence… You cant prove me other, YOU LIKED RAFA WHEN HE WON FOR US CL in 2005 and that cup in 2006??? Please stfu all of you, its a blame for all of you who thinks rafa didnt do his job on maximum level. He is great tactician, just if he had more money to spend on getting players, liverpool would be LIKE today barcelona…greetings from serbia YNWA

  2. It’s a pitty that Rafa had  to leave Liverpool. In my eyes, he was made for Liverpool as well as Xabi Alonso. Enormous Liverpool forever in my heart

  3. too bad, I won’t be able to listen to the song at least for one season, and if someday I will listen to this song again, it wont be under Rafa..

  4. rafa we love you…. all true liverpool fans know how hard your job has been….with clubs like man utd and chelsea spending money like theres no tmrw and now man city they can keep building…you had to build a squad from the likes of djimi and bisgan to masch and skrtel…..never had money to spend…..had to sell to buy…arguments with board over capital to buy players…then while man utd spent 30 mill on berbatove you spent 9 mill on riera who looks like a solid player……

  5. sack the gafa? ye right sorry but no, hes done too much in his first seasons.

    i like the picture of rohnaldinho and carragher. rohnaldinho looks shit scared of him

  6. Sack Benitex after taking Liverpool to another Quarterfinal in the Champions League?

    In Rafa we trust!

  7. he got us the champions league and the Fa cup and i respect the guy, he managed to get the team back on track with a 4-0 win aginast westham. My respect for Rafa.
    YNWA LFC come on you reds

  8. Nice video. Brings back some great memories from the past few seasons. Inter will be a tough test but Liverpool belong in games like these. Come on you red men!

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