25 thoughts on “Liverpool FC Takes Boston: Tour Documentary and Match Recap!

  1. good vid JLB most enjoyable,thanks for posting,saw the first movie tonite in liverpool it was brilliant,think you yanks sore it first,keep your own vids coming my friend.regards from liverpool,YNWA :o)

  2. I think its amazing how passionate people are about liverpool when they live so far away, it makes me feel so lucky that i only 30 minutes from the stadium by car. You are all scousers at heart and are true liverpool fans. YNWA.

  3. I will, I definately will. It might help that my Older brother is going to Uni there. 🙂
    I’m sure you will too man you clearly love Liverpool, afterall.

  4. you should be proud that you got to watch charlie adam score. he does everything he can when he is on the pitch.if stevie and pep are not around charlie will get the arm band.

  5. hahaha we got Suarez so why not! But a striker that has similar goal scoring quality would make our squad strong and give us the ability to compete. Someone like Huntelaar a natural goalscorer. If Carroll is sold surely we’ll get a replacement?

  6. toronto had a better rendition of YNWA. Nonetheless, the song always gives me chills.

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  8. justin it vacation time and i have nothing to do i was wondering if u could give me some web sites that would allow a 14 year old to blog about LFC i would mind doing it for free but i would perfer to do it if i could make a bit of money thanks

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