24 thoughts on “Oussama Assaidi Welcome to Liverpool!

  1. ye7ya oussama s3aidii ajibha fihom jibha fihom 3amra fkhawya aji nta sér nta mounir hamdaoui fort 3la swarez oussama s3aydi joueur 3la swarez

  2. What do you mean by Oussama Saiidi is not a big sign! what that hell u can do if they let u play! his better than any player in Liverpool now! and by the way! it is disrespectful to say “Motherf#*@&K happy birthday” to Oussama! what is f%%&&King wrong with you! who u think yourself! I respected u before but since u don’t respect my best player”Oussama!” I don’t too!!!!, until you change your bad attitude”

  3. Watching Americans talking about football oh sorry soccer is so annoying but no offense met when he says physical instead of medical and saying heervenen wrong and probably spelt wrong

  4. Question: watched a few vids and subscribed. How much do you like the EPL that side of the Atlantic? :p

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