Jul 14

Liverpool Football Club 2009

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Jun 14

Liverpool Football Club Summer Transfer Targets

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Jun 14

Bruce Happy To See Hull In Europa

Hull city manager Steve Bruce has stated that the club may need to look at the upcoming Europa league campaign with mixed views. This has been the case with every other small teams to have qualified for this competition. The sheer amount of games one has to go through in order to at least get away from the group stages has often led to teams suffering in terms of league performance. Clubs like Swansea and Wigan have learned this the hard way, but Bruce has stated that it would be a welcome to see Hull playing in Europe.

Hull city came extremely close to creating a major upset after a 2-0 lead against Arsenal in just 20 minutes of the first half. Arsenal then managed a spirited comeback and won the match 3-2 to lift the FA Cup title. Despite this defeat, Bruce was not heartbroken this was a great run with his team. Hull have not previously reached the FA Cup final in their history. The club was promoted from the Championship only last summer. In order to cope with the difficulty second campaign in the Premier league and in the Europa League, Hull are expected to make a couple of signings to strengthen the squad in the summer.

“We have to look forward to European football. We’re going to have to try and enjoy it. Whether we’ve got the resources, whether we’ve got the man-power. I think we’ve got four [European] games by the end of August. And for a club like ours, I don’t think we’re ready for that. Now is not the time to reflect on that, it’s the time to dust ourselves down, enjoy our holiday and come out and play in Europe,” said the manager, who saw defender Curtis Davies produce an immense performance against Arsenal.

Jun 14

Gerrard Haunted By Slip Against Chelsea

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has admitted that he is still haunted by the slip against Chelsea that saw Liverpool so far 2-0 defeat at Anfield. This was the decisive turning point in the Premier League title race last season as it gave the impetus back to Manchester city with three matches remaining. City then went on to lift the league title, thus dashing the two decade wait for a Premier league title for Liverpool fans. Gerrard has desperately craved the opportunity to lift the league title, which is the only missing trophy from his cabinet.

Ironically, he had slipped at the back that allowed Demba Ba to score Chelsea’s first goal. Ahead of the World Cup 2014, Gerrard has stated that he is still haunted by this defeat. The 34-year-old has also dismissed fears that he may allow this failing to spoil his World Cup campaign as well. He says that he will be totally over the slip by the time World Cup kicks off. This could be Gerrard’s last major tournament at international level, as the 34-year-old has been stating in recent weeks that he will consider his England career after the World Cup.

England manager Roy Hodgson, though, has urged his captain to continue playing even after the World Cup.

“I take responsibility for the slip and the damage it’s done. But is there anybody around this table who has not slipped at any time in their life? The difference is I did it at a bad time and at a bad place, at a bad moment. I keep saying to myself: ‘How, where and why?’ If I had done a bad back-pass, scored an own goal, or done my job wrongly, it would have really beaten me up,” said the midfielder ahead of the friendly matches against Peru and Ecuador.

May 14

A Special Insight of the Home Dressing Room at Liverpool Football Club 2013

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May 14

Match of the Day Visits The Liverpool Football Club Foundation – To day (03th November 201

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Liverpool Football Club

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Mar 14

Rodgers takes Liverpool To New Heights

Liverpool’s almost incredible transformation into one of the contenders for the title, all within a time span of less than a year can totally be contributed to the excellent training and coaching under Brendan Rodgers.

As a sign of its continuous progress, Liverpool’s accounts were made public in the middle of tremendous apathy around a week ago. If it was a few years back, releasing the financial figures of any company was a very tricky business and almost needed a countdown from NASA while the figures were released.

Liverpool hasn’t taken on a competitive one on one since the glorious victory of 3-0 in Barclays Premier League over Southampton early this month. A perfect mix of a middle of the week international fixtures round and further postponement of a match versus Sunderland has given Rodgers the exceptional opportunity of fifteen whole days to fine tune the game between matches.

No sign of any kind of let up has been seen during the training session under Rodgers, who further stressed on the tireless work that is being put in by the 2nd positioned team of the division. He reported to a popular television channel saying that it was quite interesting since the team got an adaptation day, post they were off the field for some time.

This season is going to be quite a low intensity one but the team worked with super high intensity during the training period, so much so that he actually had to take the team off training for a bit. They team is highly focused right now and is very ambitious about taking the club to new level of success. This he sees in their work each and every day and they are a team of brilliant professionals.